CopRe, communicative practices on Reddit, is a research network and association dedicated to exploring Reddit communication from different theoretical vantage points and with different methodologies. Founded in 2021 by Thomas C. Messerli and Daria Dayter , our group has a focus on exploring posts and comments to subreddits as situated language use in a particular multimodal setting and as a type of computer-mediated communication (CMC). The communicative acts on this platform are further understood as user-generated content, a part of social media discourse, the result of what users individually and collectively make of the particular technological affordances Reddit offers, and as communication subject to the norms that the Reddit community and the subreddit communities jointly negotiate, set and codify. 

Our association is open to researchers from all fields, but is of particular interest to researchers in the humanities and social sciences – including, but not limited to scholars in discourse analysis, multimodal discourse analysis, critical discourse analysis, conversation analysis, linguistic pragmatics, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, digital humanities, culture studies, philosophy, psychology, communication studies, sociology and political sciences. Our goal is to further the exchange between researchers from different disciplines and the collective understanding of what we believe is a particular microcosm of online communication. From first-wave CMC questions regarding the characteristics of Reddit communication at large, to qualitative and quantitative explorations of particularities, subcommunities or even idiosyncrasies of individual users’ posts, we strive to jointly generate and disseminate insights both within our group, to our academic communities and to the larger public. 

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Messerli, Thomas C., & Dayter, Daria (2021). CopRe – Communicative practices on Reddit.